PECCS for European Shotfirer level 4-5


Pan-European Competency Certificate for Shotfirers by European Federation of Explosive Engineers

With this project called PECCS – Pan European Competency Certificate for Shot firers /blast designers, EFEE’s (European Federation of Explosive Engineers) aim is to create a course, in accordance with the valid European Shotfirer Requirements, for a standardised assessment of technical competencies for the shot firer / blast designer profession in European Union on level 4-5 as defined by the European Qualification Framework.

The PECCS project with a Swedish contractor, partners from the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Norway, Portugal and UK and an Estonian secretariat, running from 2016 through 2019, had its kick-off meeting in Norway 17 and 18. October 2016. The project is made possible by EU-funding through the Erasmus+ program.

The project period will be dedicated to working with the existing materials from the previous ESSEEM project (“Learning Materials”), modernizing as needed to include any technical development during recent years, adding comments, exercises and examining questions.
During the first meeting the group made basic decisions on the planned test courses, the lecturers and the participants.

The first course will be held in Sweden, exact dates are yet to be set. The courses will consist of the following subjects: Explosives and Initiation Systems; Geology /Rock Type?; Blasting theory; Drilling and Machinery; Blasting Close to Structures; Tunnelling; Vibration and Environmental aspects.