The Stad Naval tunnel – For protection of ships in extreme weather and sea conditions

The Stad Peninsula,the westernmost  part of Norway is exposed to extreme weather conditions. For seafarers pasing, this is one of and the most dangerous and worst stretches along the Norwegian coast for naval transport. Due to the extreme weather conditions combined with sea currents and waves, there have been several fatal ship accidents with human loss, injuries and damages during history.

In order to secure a safe passage of the Stad peninsula by vessels, the idea of a naval tunnel was introduced several years ago. Feasibility studies were started in 1999 and the Norwegian government has now decided detailed design of the project to be prepared.

Initially the project idea aimed  at moderate sized ships.  In agreement with the approved plans the size will be increased to accommdate the coastal line ship-size.

If you come to Bergen for the WTC in the summer of 2017, this may be something special to inspect.